Peta Tranquille


​My current project is a recollection of my past with a cartographic fusion.​ It explores depth, shadow, emotions and how aphantasia has effected my limited recall of childhood memory. Sketches and my unusual creative process can be seen on my fb page and instagram profile.
​As an artist, I would consider myself versatile and still exploring and improving my techniques and abilities. 

Although I studied towards a Certificate in Art and Design and attended several classes at the Fremantle Art Centre, I am mostly self-taught. Creativity has always been a part of my life.  Cooking, jewellery making, gardening and photography are also of interest to me.

Cartography (map making) was my career for nearly 30 years and making art was mostly for friends and family. Over the years I have produced work for community groups, tennis clubs and daycare centres.

At the beginning of 2016 I decided to become a full time artist, with the support of my wonderful husband, Terence.
For most of my art past I have produced portraits, still life and landscapes. I have only ever been able to draw what I could see in front of me as I am unable to visualise (aphantasia) like most people and in particular artists.

Since moving to Melbourne in 2013, from Perth, I have participated in a group exhibition at ArtBoy Gallery in Prahran in 2016 and my first Solo Exhibition at Brunswick Street Gallery in 2017. For more information click here.

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