Peta Tranquille

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RAW : Melbourne presents OASIS

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Not To Scale - Mapping Memories in Colour

Although satisfied with having found “my thing”, I have explored my childhood emotions and personal experiences within this new collection. The works represent my past memories with a cartographic fusion. It explores depth, shadow and how aphantasia has affected my inability to visualise my ideas and my limited recollection of my childhood and past. Follow me on social media to see some of my process leading up to Opening Night. All links to social media above.


c ART ographic Series

My first solo exhibition and a very different direction to my 2016 collection. The exhibition was at The Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy. The collection was inspired by my Cartographic career of nearly 30 years. The map making processes of today, I believe, have lost the romance and hand skills that were once required. All maps, regardless of era, are thoroughly researched, follow rules of placement, colour and size, precision and mathematics. Using my Cartographic knowledge I created a collection that presented a fresh perspective on mapping. The collection includes atlas decoupage, hand written song names, road network designs, mapping related colours and technical precision.


Iconic Series

My first exhibition was a group exhibition at ArtBoy Gallery in Prahran.
The pieces were either collage or mixed media on canvas and the subjects were all iconic people.